31 Days of Blogging Honesty (Day 03)

•May 3, 2011 • 1 Comment

Day 03 — My favorite song from the year I was born…

I’m torn between Like a Prayer by Madonna, Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins or Love Song by the Cure!

31 Days of Blogging Honesty (Day 02)

•May 2, 2011 • 3 Comments

Day 02 — The most expensive item I have ever stolen is…

I have to admit this embarrasses me a LOT because apparently my rebellious phase came a little early (say, when I was in 5th or 6th grade) and mostly revolved around me taking stuff from the school cafeteria!

I don’t really know what the most expensive item I’ve ever stolen is but if I had to take a guess, I suppose it would be a set of 4 or 6 books I shoplifted from a book stall the school had set up for us. I don’t think it cost all that much because the books were at a discounted price for us but seeing as how its the biggest thing I’ve ever taken…

I was a horrible, horrible child and I have no excuse.

The inefficiacy of words…

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Was it “like a red-hot iron in my shoulders” and was this “like a blunt wooden stake driven into the base of my head?” — a simile would only stand for something else and in the end we would be led around by the nose in a hopeless carousel of comparisons. Pain was what is was. There’s nothing further to say about it. Qualities of feelings are as incomparable as they are indescribable. They mark the limits of language’s ability to communicate.
– Jean Amery (on his experiences as a victim of the Holocaust)

31 Days of Blogging Honesty (Day 01)

•May 1, 2011 • 3 Comments

Being the horribly lazy blogger that I am, I seem to pop up right when something interesting is going around. This time its 31 Days of Blogging Honesty. Kind of like the 31 Day Picture Challenge I tried to do on FB (failed miserably, FYI).

If the stars and planets aligned perfectly for me (regardless of my current situation), the celebrity I would marry is and this is why…

(Easy peasy. Never had an easier question…or a funner one. Shameless googling of hot men = FUN.)

Ryan Reynolds. He’s hot, tall, hot, funny, hot. Need I go on?? I like to think I’m beyond the petty, superficial things but I’m really not. He’s just so pretty! I mean LOOK AT HIM. But I suppose he’s a nice person too, seems smart, I think I read somewhere he wanted to go to college and study something super smart before becoming an actor. So its not alllll about the looks. Might just be the power of his smoldering gaze talking though!

And I know I don’t need to give my second choice. But I’m going to give it anyway…because who doesn’t want an excuse to google this face?!

Henry Cavill, if things between Ryan and me don’t work out- I’m coming after you!

Signs of an unstable mind…

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There’s something about you that makes me want to revert to anonymous blogging.

I was doing all good. I had a new blog where people knew my name, they knew who I was. Granted, I wasn’t writing as much and as freely anymore. But it was something. I was trying to get over my issues and trying to open myself up to the people I knew. And you killed it. You made me want to write. And I couldn’t write, not about you, not there. So now, I’m back here.

You make me want to crawl into a little hole and stay there forever.

You and your stupid face just make me want to punch you and then hug you and punch you and then hug and then do it all over again.

I hate you. But I don’t hate because I like you so incredibly much. You put me on an emotional roller-coaster and you don’t even know it. I hate your stupid face for going on with your stupid life the same way. But why do you have to be so nice and so funny and so cute?! I wish I could kick you in the face. You can’t be allowed to waltz in here, turn me upside down and be all “hey, its me, I’m so cool, I don’t care about anything, especially not you and especially not in THAT way”. You suck.

And you make me sound like a thirteen year old idiot.

Because children kick ass…

•January 30, 2011 • 3 Comments

I haven’t been blogging much mainly because I don’t have much to say nowadays. But I saw this and HAD to reblog it.



For all the children fighting cancer =)

(Courtesy: Muslim GIFS)

One good movie down, bajillion more to go…

•December 17, 2010 • 4 Comments

I know it’s incredibly late seeing as how it was released ages ago but I finally watched Inception and it was AWESOME.

Totally worth my Thursday night!