Stop. Stare. Sigh. Give up. Leave.

Get up.

Look in mirror.

Turn to the right.

Dammit, ass is two sizes too big.

Turn to the left.

Could use to lose a couple of ten pounds from the middle.

Look straight ahead.

Fudgethisbloodydamnshitthing. There’s a zit right in the middle of my cheek.

Look closer.

SHIT! Back away. Back away NOW. Double chin is scary as shit from this angle.

Turn around.

Daaanggg- are those really MY thighs??

Turn back around.

Really? That is it? That is seriously all the hair I have? Might as well shave my head and be done with it.

Stare at head.

Is that a patch of white hair? SHIT. FUCK. NO. Scalp showing through. Quickly, adjust flick so its hidden.

Pull in stomach, suck in cheeks and double chin, smile like you mean it.

And now I look like the demon child from hell.

There’s just no winning with the mirror, is there?!

~ by thatchickperson on November 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Stop. Stare. Sigh. Give up. Leave.”

  1. HA! Been there!

  2. Been there … done that, and more.
    But gr8 post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. One too many posts signifying low self esteem regarding your beauty, m’child. Shall we put in a call to Dr. Phil already? 😀
    gosh I’m so witty -snort-

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