Really? Like really? Like really seriously really?

I know my History and Sociology and Politics. And I know my current affairs. So when I meet someone who does not know about the genocide in Rwanda or Darfur (or what “genocide” means, really) or about the earthquake in Haiti or about the BP oil spill, I’m stumped.

I admit, I’m a little nerdy and snooty when it come to my field and I know my field is more concerned with what’s going on in the world than others but really- doing BBA is not an excuse for being an idiot. It is not okay to laugh when I’m talking about Darfur because it sounds funny or about mass rapes in Congo because Congo sounds like “tanga” (Tongo actually sounds more like “tanga” but I doubt she knew where it is). It annoys me. Stupid people annoy me.

Totally different sort of "tanga"

Also, Chilean miners have nothing to do with International Relations or Political Science , so don’t tell me I know all this because I study it. I know all this because I live in this world. I’m just not stuck in my own little world.

Not me

But maybe I’m just being judgmental…but I’m a college student- I’m supposed to be all smug and pretentious. Being judgmental just comes with the territory. I should be allowed to act all superior- what else do I get out of killing myself in college?


Who the hell cares about that?!


~ by thatchickperson on November 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Really? Like really? Like really seriously really?”

  1. There are actually people that far in left field that they don’t know about those things. They must have been on the moon! I find it hard to believe the rest of the world lets these things go on without intervening, but Africa especially is on the bottom of most help lists. I know I’m generalizing but…

    Do what it takes to not kill yourself!

  2. Hahahahaha =D
    Listen I didn’t know about the mine workers okay! I was too scared to ask you on the phone when you were ranting so energetically in my ear! I’ve been out of the loop okay! 😛

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