Can’t afford sugar? Let them eat Zeera Plus.

“Na yeh mera Pakistan hai, na yeh tera Pakistan hai, yeh uss ka Pakistan hai jo sadar-e-Pakistan hai.”

(This is not my Pakistan, this is not your Pakistan, this Pakistan is his Pakistan who is the President of Pakistan.)

It’s a scary day when the masses of the country come on T.V. and talk about the justice in the socialist system or about the Russian revolution and say it is up to the common man to bring about a change. It makes me wonder how truly desperate the people must be, how completely at the end of their wits.

And then I see representatives of the government say “if they can’t afford sugar, then they shouldn’t buy it”. It all falls into place then. Why should the people believe in them if they can’t be arsed to help the people? There is so much despondency in the people, its amazing. How utterly miserable must people be and how much longer can we keep going on with this? How much longer can we push them until they say ‘screw this shit’ and bring out the guillotines French style?

I don’t watch a lot of political shows and I try to stay away from most Pakistani news channels because, sensationalism aside, they tend to depress me. It’s one thing for me to read about the escalating suicide rates in the U.S. and one thing altogether to hear about the woman who poisoned her children and then shot herself because she couldn’t afford food. It hits too close to home. God knows I’m half way elitist and want to keep my eyes and ears closed to such things. I would much rather spend my time shopping (window wise, at least) and roaming around, doing all sorts of fancy frivolous things like dressing up and going to expensive restaurants and discussing the miserable condition this country is in and how we should just move to the U.S. where the pastures are so much greener. And then shift the conversation to that new HSY collection which I must absolutely have.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in the Gossip Girl universe

Point being. I’m relatively uninformed about the going-ons about the government and the economy and the what-not, but despite my ignorance, I can see what’s happening. I see the frustration and the anger. So why can’t the government? How hard is it to see that the shit has hit the fan and it’s time to do some clean-up?

No, seriously. How hard?


~ by thatchickperson on November 27, 2010.

One Response to “Can’t afford sugar? Let them eat Zeera Plus.”

  1. Haha. Love the title alone.
    Sigh, if only. Of course they see the shit hit the fan. But they’re in air conditioned comfort. They don’t give a shit. It took me some time to absorb that you could actually do that if you were responsible for a coupla million people, but there you go, wonders never cease. Zardariisafucker. Actually, they all are.

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