So tell me, who are you to be ashamed of being Pakistani?

We are the nation that has been to hell and back. We have seen earthquakes, floods, suicide bombings, drone attacks, corrupt leaders, financial disasters, oppression- everything.

And we are still standing strong.


Without even  a hint of fear.


We are smiling.


We have hope.


We are beaten and bruised, but not broken- never broken.


If there is anything we have, its strength.


We have been at it for some 60 years and we’ll go on for another 60 without giving up.


So, why wouldn’t you be want to be one of us?









These pictures, except the first, were taken by Fahad Bhatti, a freelance photographer, who spent 6 days under (Shoot at Sight) curfew in Mingora, Swat during the military operation to weed out the talibans, so to speak.

The girl in the third picture, like most of the people from the region, became one of the internally displaced persons who were placed in camps all around the country. The old man refused to leave his place in the Swat Valley for the much safer camps because “I was born here and I will die here”, the young man, on the other hand, like some more of his generation stayed back to take care of their houses until their loved ones returned.

The first picture is from a cover of the Pakistani Newsweek and shows a little boy standing on a bridge in pouring rain and with flood water gushing all around him.


~ by thatchickperson on December 13, 2010.

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